Social Club Scrapbooks

Social Club Scrapbooks


Social clubs have been an integral part of student life at Harding since the early years in Morrilton, AR. Some clubs have captured stories and events in scrapbooks.

Brackett Library is seeking to preserve Harding's social club history through the digitization of club scrapbooks. This online collection represents just a handful of the social clubs that have called Harding home over the years.

Are your club's scrapbooks gathering dust in the back of a closet? Would you like to see them digitized and displayed on this site? If so, please contact the Archives & Special Collections Librarian at 501-279-4205 or



Shantih, 1989-1992

Shantih, 1995-1996

Shantih, 1999-2000

Shantih, 2002-2003

Shantih, 2003-2004

Shantih, 2011-2012

Shantih, 2012-2013

Sigma Phi Mu, 1981-1982

Sigma Phi Mu, 1982-1984

Sigma Phi Mu, 1984-1986

Sigma Phi Mu, 1986-1988

Sigma Phi Mu, 1988-1992

Sigma Phi Mu, 1995-1997

Sigma Phi Mu, 1997-2001

Tri Kappa, 1947-1955

Tri Kappa, 1983-1985

Tri Kappa, 2003-2004

Tri Kappa, 2004-2005

Tri Sigma Delta, 1979-1983

Zeta Pi Zeta, 2009-2010

Zeta Pi Zeta, 2011-2012

Zeta Rho, 1988-1990