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Arkansas is truly an ideal spot in our great land. Situated at the buckle of the Sunbelt, Arkansas is benefiting from the northeast-to-southwest shift of population in the United States. The migration from frostbelt to sunbelt, and the economic emergence of the southern tier of states, have thrust our Natural State into the middle of today's action. A full 50 percent of the U.S. population is within a 550-mile radius of Arkansas' borders. More than 1,000,000 people live within a one-hour's drive of our state Capital.

The entire mid-south has been an underdeveloped region in the past, but it is catching up; it has a better growth potential than any other region of the country. Future growth into the mid-south will probably come from the continued migration of manufacturing, and private-service industries to take advantage of our region's relatively lower wages, taxes, energy costs, land costs, and mild climate. Yes, as with a developing country, the south as reached the "take-off" stage of its economic growth. And we're Arkansas proud!

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Arkansas and the U.S. Economy in the Late 20th Century: Reinventing Ourselves Inside Out for a Better Tomorrow