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The King and I


The King and I


Ben Holland



Performed April 20-21, 1962.

Captain Orton: Max Hager
Anna Leonowens: Nonnie Sanders
Louise Leonowens: Jackie Powell
The Interpreter: Bob Baucom
The Kralahome: Marcus Walker
The King: Norman Tubb
Lun Tha: Jon Farris
Tuptim: Marilyn Graff
Lady Thiang: Faithe Sanderson
Sir Edward Ramsey: Bob Brewer
Prince Chululongkorn: Steven Sanderson
Guards and Priests: Walt Mays and Dee Van Winkle
The Royal Wives: Cyl McCullough, Jean Master, Marcia Geisler, Betty Garretson, Leora Hughes, Jill Graddy, Judy Humphries, Karen Spain, Loretta Haltom, and Sharon Shiver
The Royal Children: Rachel Formby, Bobby Helsten, Larry Davis, Timmy Bixler, Larry Brown, Mona Prock, Debra Back, Diane Dean, Stephen Tucker, Ann Ulrey, Charles Ganus, Hal Capps, and Janet Thompson
Narrator: Marilyn Graff
Chorus: The Royal Wives
Uncle Thomas: Tom Reppart
Little Eva: Martha Nelson
Topsy: Tommie Jones
Poor Eliza: Linda Graff
Royal Hounds: Terry McRae and Ricky Murray
Angel George: Dalton Eddleman
Buddha: Max Hager
Pantomimists: Bob Baucom, Linda Stafford, Mickye Miller, Mary Lea Thompson, and Judy Daniels

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From the Harding University Theatre Department History collection.


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The King and I