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Performed October 3-5, 1973.

Buskers: Phillip Jameson, Noah Lewis, and Minter M. Molello
Mrs. Eynsford-Hill: Regina Little
Eliza Doolittle: Peggy Bunting
Freddy Eynsford-Hill: Eric Manlove
Colonel Pickering: Billy Pullen
Bystanders: Lou Ellen Head and Jo Stafford
Henry Higgins: Glenn Greenville
Selsey Man: Chuck Starks
Hoxton Man: Jim Caudle
Costermongers: Terry Beck, Jim Caudler, Mike Fowler, and Jeff McLain
Bartender: Mike Adams
Harry: Tom Clifford
Jamie: Tom Gates
Alfred P. Doolittle: David Campbell
Mrs. Pearce: Mary Jo Hinerman
Butler: Randall J. Taye
Maids: Debby Dillard, Stacey Ellmore, Nancy Schreiber, and Ann Ulrey
Mrs. Higgins: Ruth Woods
Chauffuer: Robin Miller
Lord Boxington: Earle West
Lady Boxington: Kathy Steffins
Flunkey: Mike Adams
Constable: Minter M. Molello
Footman: Richard McClelen
Zoltan Kaparthy: Mike Fowler
Queen of Transylvania: Kris Siem
Ambassador: Chuck Starks
Second Bartender: Brant Bryan
Mrs. Higgins' Madi: Lou Ellen Head
Other Cockneys and Ladies and Gentlemen: Cinday Alsabrook, Caleb Austin, Sherri Balcom, Daniel Jay Caldwell, Linda Campbell, Rhonda Campbell, Yvonne Depass, Terri Hallford, Miriam Pitts, Carol Terry, and Paula Woods

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From the Harding University Theatre Department History collection.


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My Fair Lady (1973 program)