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The Snow Show and Don't Say Macbeth


The Snow Show and Don't Say Macbeth


Amanda Lane and Dillon Shawn Holden



Performed November 8-10, 2012. Part of the 2012 One Acts.

Snow Cast:
Jenna Lee: Dustyn Stokes
Rachel: Emily Welfare
Robbie: Jacob Norwood
Flurry: Holly Hughes
Chill: Melissa Hite
Shiver: Jakayla Snipes
Blizzard: Kristianna Lynxwiler
Snowflake: Bethany Allison
Ice: Kris Monroe
Drift: Jordan Fontenot
Blue: Benji Holder

Don't Say Cast:
Regan: Kayli Luaren Kendall
Grimes: David T.R. Goble
Waitress: Candance Whiteley
Customer 1, Witch 2, King James, Frankie, Manager: Molly Sublett
Customer 2, Witch 1, Stage hand, Sarah Siddons, Diana Wynard: Delaney Bivens
Customer 3, Shakespeare, Macduff, Witness, Laurence Olivier: Adam Leasure
Customer 4, Witch 3, Lillian Boyliss, Critic, Lady Macbeth: Emily Vogt
Good Ol' Boy 1, Macbeth, Abraham Lincoln, Charlton heston, Director: David Gillaspie
Good Ol' Boy 2, Ralph, Orson Welles, Injured Macduff, Kelsey Grammar: Adam T. Hogan
Announcer, Duncan, Witch Doctor, St. Paul Actor, Malcolm Keen: Jana Wrye

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From the Harding University Theatre Department History collection.


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The Snow Show and Don't Say Macbeth