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Eric Haston, Heather Stauch, Silvia Sargent, Scott Lloyd, and Angie Pirtle



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Performed April 30-May 1, 1993. Acts include John's Ring; Sorry, Wrong Number; The Still Alarm; The Actors Nightmare; and The Summer People.

John's Ring Cast:
Myra: Jamie Collins
Stella: Tamara Tew
Amber: Tammy Brown

Sorry, Wrong Number Cast:
Mrs. Stevenson: Carla Cook
Operator: Marie McWhorter
Man and First Man: Jeremy Houck
George and Second Man: Bob Swain
Second and Third Operator: Tamara Tew
Sgt. Duffy: Matt Dickson
Woman and Information: Holly Van Fleet

The Still Alarm Cast:
Ed: Matt Dickson
Bob: Mark Erwin
Bellboy/Fireman #1: Bob Swain
Fireman #2: Jon Owen

The Actors Nightmare Cast:
George: Mark Erwin
Meg: Kim Brown
Sarah: Shadow Russell
Ellen: Tammy Brown
Henry: Matt Dickson

The Summer People Cast:
Robert Allison: Todd Newsom
Janet Allisin: Emily Fuller
Mr. Babcock: Jon Owen
Tilda Babcock: Jeremy Houck
Mrs. Larkin: Holly Van Fleet
Mr. Withers: Bob Swain

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From the Harding University Theatre Department History collection.


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An Evening of One Acts (1993 program)