Current Volume: Volume 7 (2018)

Tenor of Our Times is an annual journal publishing the work of current and past Harding students on historical and social science topics. The title of the journal originates with the former chairman of the History and Social Science Department, Raymond Muncy, who often said “Historians reflect the tenor of their times.” Tenor of Our Times is a student-managed publication, supported by a faculty editorial board, designed to encourage undergraduate scholarship in understanding the past and present. The journal will include the winners of Raymond L. Muncy Scholarship from the previous academic year and other quality submissions.


Editor's Note
Samuel Aly

Section 1: Remembering Local History

Section 2: Exploring National Foundations

Section 3: Encountering the Old World

Section 4: Charting Currents of Western Thought


The Greek Civil War
Curtis Baker

Section 5: Lingering Echoes in the Eastern Bloc


Managing Editor
Sam Aly
Advertising Editor
Taylor Wilkins
Online Editor
Matthew Frye
Student Review Board Coordinator
Curt Baker
Copy Editor
Mary Goode


The Raymond L. Muncy Scholarship is a one-time financial award for those undergraduate students at Harding University majoring in History who demonstrate exceptional scholarship, research, and Christian character. The scholarship was created to honor the late Raymond L. Muncy, Chairman of the Department of History and Social Sciences from 1965-1993. His teaching, mentoring, and scholarship modeled the best in Christian education. Applied toward tuition, the award is granted over the span of a single academic year. The award is presented annually at the Department of History and Social Sciences Banquet.

Sam Aly's "The Primo de Rivera Dictatorship and the Foundations of Authoritarianism in Spain (1923-30)" and Cort Richardson's "Douglas MacArthur: America's Five Star Hero" have been awarded the 2017 Raymond L. Muncy Scholarship.