Author Biography

I’m from Mountain Home, AR. I am in the Clinical Mental Health Program and will go on to get my Marriage/Family Counseling Therapy degree afterwards. I am a Marine Corps Veteran who has seen too many friends commit suicide and talk about suicide, so I decided to become a therapist and to try my best to reclaim as many people I can from the ledge that many veterans seem to be teetering on. Whether that is through private practice, clinical work with a local VA Clinic, or independent agency still has yet to be seen.


The purpose of this non-experimental study was to determine if there is a difference in attitudes towards seeking mental health services between veterans and civilians. Participants were a convenience sample of 54 veterans and civilians from around the United States. The participants completed a survey, that was introduced through social media, to determine their attitude towards seeking mental health services. An analysis of the results revealed that there is not a significant difference between veterans’ and civilians’ attitudes towards seeking mental health services.