Author Biography

Tia Cook is a fourth grade math and science teacher in Searcy, Arkansas. She has 15 years teaching experience. While continuing her career, Tia is also a graduate student pursuing a Masters of Education in Reading with Dyslexia/Reading Endorsement. It is her hope to use her masters degree to better help her struggling students improve in reading and comprehension, thus having a positive impact on their knowledge and understanding of her content areas.


The purpose of this non-experimental study was to determine if parental involvement levels have an effect on the gifted and talented (GT) status of fourth grade students. An additional purpose of the study was to determine if there was a difference between the academic performance of GT and non-GT students. The participants were a convenience sample of 50 parents or guardians of fourth grade students at a public middle school in the southeastern United States. The participants completed a researcher-made survey to determine the level of parental involvement in the fourth grade student’s academics. An analysis of the results indicated that parental involvement does not significantly affect student status as GT or non-GT. The results of the study further indicated there is a significant difference between the academic achievement of non-GT students and the academic achievement of GT students, with GT students having a higher achievement level.