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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Educational Leadership


Dr. Lynette Busceme


Education is the key to success and is vital for participation in a global society. With access to the internet, students in the United States are competing with students around the world. Providing excellence in education, pre-kindergarten through graduation, is vital to the success of America. To achieve excellence in education, students must have a solid educational foundation. In building this educational foundation, the groundwork must begin with rich early learning experiences in preschool settings.

In 1991, the Arkansas Better Chance (ABC) preschool program was created to help Arkansas students succeed academically by providing them with access to early childhood education services. This study was conducted to gain insight into the longitudinal academic effects of participation in the ABC preschool program within a rural Arkansas setting in Grade 4. Does the benefit of a preschool education diminish as a student progresses through elementary and high school? If the benefits of preschool instruction lessen, at what grade level does this occur?

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