HST Graduates and Commencements




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John Carroll Brown, MA
Ezra Winston Burton, MA
Finis Jay Caldwell, Jr., MA, MTh
J. C. Choate, MA
Leon Crouch, MA
Don D. Green, MRE
George Eulan Howard, MTh
James Elvin Jackson, MA
Kenneth M. Jones, MRE, MTh
George Clements Massey, MTh
Harold McRay, MA
William Davis Medearis, MA -- Also listed in the 1967 program
Daniel Joseph Ottinger, MRE
Max Arlin Patterson, MA
John Paul Shaw, Sr., MA
Carl Philip Slate, MA
Marion Clarence Sparks, Jr., MA
John Francis Wilson, MA
Raleigh Edward Wood, Jr., MRE, MTh
Clyde Morris Woods, MRE, MTh

Administrators & Faculty:
Richard A. (Dick) Batey -- Assistant Professor of New Testament and Christian Doctrine
George Stuart Benson -- President, Harding College
E. H. Ijams -- Professor of Christian Education
Jack P. Lewis -- Professor of Old Testament and New Testament
Donald R. Sime -- Assistant Professor of Christian Education
James Keith Zink -- Assistant Professor of Old Testament and Church History

Neil Anderson -- Director, "Words of Life" Television Chorus
Richard Baggett -- Minister, Berclair Church of Christ -- Benediction
Richard D. Fuller -- Secretary, Board of Trustees
Reuel Lemmons -- Editor, Firm Foundation -- Address
James (Jimmy) Moffett -- Minister, Raleigh Church of Christ -- Invocation
Robert Riggs -- Song leader


Harding School of Theology