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Summer 2019


​Behavioral Sciences

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Dr. Terry Smith


Studies have shown that more diversity can contribute to a more well-rounded university population and can lead to less discriminatory acts on campus (Vanalstine, 2015). There is a lack of diversity regarding race and gender in higher education, specifically at religiously rooted, predominantly white institutions (PWI’s) (Kim, 2010; Rowatt, 2004). This study focused on Black female educators in PWIs and the challenges they have faced.

The data was collected by interviews with African American female faculty who are all professors in PWI’s. The years of experience or exact major was not taken as a requirement to be interviewed. The participants were from five predominantly white Christian institutions (PWCI’s), representing five states.

The findings indicated a large amount of problems among this specific population. Further research will be needed to address the solutions to these challenges.

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