Document Type

Research Paper

Date of Completion

Summer 7-27-2018


Engineering & Physics

Faculty Mentor

Dr. James Huff


The following is a cross-sectional examination of an ongoing investigation of shame in the context of engineering education. White male junior level engineering students were recruited to participate in individual interviews centered around their experiences and expectations as undergraduates. The study sought to investigate how these students experienced shame within the context of engineering education using interpretative phenomenological analysis (IPA) as the research method. As the current results and finding only represent three fully analyzed cases out of five total, broad and definitive conclusions about the study group will be withheld. Instead, I will give each of the three represented cases high-level discussion on their own merit. The findings, represented in a table of themes for each participant, reveal keen insights into the propensity for engineering cultures to cultivate shameful experiences and the manner in which individuals make sense of and cope with them.

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