Document Type

Research Paper

Date of Completion

Summer 7-27-2020



Faculty Mentor

Jackie Harris


Over the years, there has been an ever-increasing spotlight on the issue of bullying among adolescents. Nurses are another adult-figure, in addition to parents and teachers, that can help identify and address bullying if educated properly. The purpose of this study was to examine pediatric bullying education in Arkansas baccalaureate nursing programs. Through the use of a mixed-method approach, the newly created survey was to be completed by one faculty member from each of the 12 BSN programs in Arkansas (12 participants; 6 respondents). The paper describes the quantitative and qualitative data analysis from this non-experimental descriptive pilot study. Results displayed a positive perception among nursing faculty about pediatric bullying education; however, the occurrence (n=3; 50%) and inconsistent and non-specific nature of pediatric bullying education in Arkansas baccalaureate nursing programs indicates a need for more knowledge and research.

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