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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Educational Leadership


Dr. Kimberly Flowers


The purpose of this dissertation was to determine by teacher certification level the effects of 0-9 years of experience versus 10 years or more of experience on the perceptions of pay, supervision, colleagues, and working conditions as measured by the Lester Teacher Job Satisfaction Questionnaire. Understanding teachers’ perceptions of job satisfaction may increase teacher retention. The theoretical framework was Maslow’s theory of motivation and the hierarchy of needs. A stratified random sample of 144 teachers from five small rural school districts in West-Central Arkansas was used for the study. Data analysis involved the use of 2 x 2 factorial ANOVAs. The study found no significant difference between PK-6 and 7-12 or 0-9 years versus 10 years or more of experience on perceptions of pay or working conditions existed. However, a significant difference did exist in certification level and years of experience on teacher perception of supervision and colleagues. The mean score for perception of supervision for PK-6 was higher than 7-12. Regarding the perception of colleagues, the mean score of teachers with 10 or more years of experience was higher than for teachers with 0-9 years of experience. These findings indicate that school leaders should examine factors within their school that lead to positive job satisfaction.

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