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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Educational Leadership


Dr. Kimberly Flowers


The purpose of this dissertation was to determine the effects by gender of the Summit Learning Platform on student achievement in mathematics, English, reading, and Science measured by the ACT Aspire Summative Assessment for ninth-grade students in four schools in Arkansas. This study provides an in-depth study of mastery learning versus personalized learning through the Summit Learning Platform. The theoretical framework is centered on the comparisons of the mastery mode of learning. Schools A and D participated in the Summit Learning Platform for 2 years. Schools B and C did not participate in the personalized learning platform. Scores from 120 ninth-grade students were obtained through a stratified random sample by participation and gender. Equal numbers for male and females participating in the Summit Learning Platform and not participating were analyzed. A 2 x 2 factorial ANOVA was used to determine if a statistical difference existed. The results indicated no significant interaction between participation in the Summit Learning Platform, however, when analyzed separately, a significant interaction existed on Summit Learning Participation in three of the four hypotheses and a significant interaction on gender in two of the four hypotheses.

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