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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Educational Leadership


Dr. Wendy Ellis


For the last 15 years, federal legislation has required that public schools involve parents in their child‘s education. Yet, there has been no solid definition for parent involvement (also known as family literacy) and limited research on family literacy. This mixed study examined the influence of Toyota Family Literacy, which focuses on Hispanic immigrant families, on the literacy achievement of students in kindergarten through third grade, as well as parental efficacy in helping their child succeed in school, in three Northwest Arkansas Schools. The study examined student literacy achievement by gender and grade level using the Developmental Reading Assessment 2 (DRA2). The study also examined parental self-efficacy as measured with the Toyota Family Literacy Initial and Post Family Interview. In addition, the researcher examined predictive effects on parent perceived ability to help their child succeed in school. Data effects on student literacy achievement by gender were not significant; yet, data effects on student literacy achievement by grade level were different for kindergarten and third grade. Parental self-efficacy increase was significant, with no indicators contributing to the parental perceived ability. The researcher suggests future studies should include longitudinal studies to follow children and families over several years, as well as studies of other ethnicities.

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