Honors College Research


Honors College Graduates with Distinction are required to complete an Honors Senior Capstone Project. The selected project will demonstrate mastery of a discipline and achievement of the objectives of the Honors College.

Honors College Graduates with Distinction earn a minimum of 26 honors credits while maintaining a 3.5 grade point average throughout their college work.

This collection of capstone projects shows the diversity of skills and knowledge acquired by our students.


Submissions from 2018


A New Way of Speaking: Jonathan Safran Foer’s Everything Is Illuminated and Effective Forms of Holocaust Literature, Elizabeth A. Bentley


Atmospheric Radiation and TGFs: Unexplained Radiation in our Skies, Adrian Gallegos


Second Language Acquisition of Voicing Patterns in Spanish Sibilants, William Hagerman


Ethnolinguistic Convergence and Divergence within Dyadic Communication, Anna E. Pitman

Submissions from 2017


The Effect of Text Color and Text Grouping on Attention and Short Term Recall Memory, Emily Haynes