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Section 7: Book Reviews-Modern Reformers


This paper offers a review of J. WIlliam T. Youngs biography of Eleanor Roosevelt, Eleanor Roosevelt: A Personal and Public Life. Youngs' biography covered Eleanor Roosevelt throughout her life: from her upbringing in NYC, her actions as first Lady of the United States, as well as Eleanor's work as a United Nations Delegate after FDR's passing. The review establishes how Youngs portrayed Eleanor Roosevelt's life as opposing spheres, the personal and the public. The paper describes Youngs' structure; the use of primary sources, imagery, and personal stories; and weaknesses in Youngs' scholarship in order to provide a comprehensive review.

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Meghan McElroy is a junior from South Salem, New York majoring in Social Science with Teacher Licensure. In addition to editing for Tenor of our Times, she acts as an officer for Phi Alpha Theta Honor Society and throws javelin for the Harding University track team. After graduation, she plans to teach high school history and coach throws and basketball.

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