Publication Date

Spring 2022

Subject Area

Section 1: Time in the Ganus


A brief account of the seventy years of the Clifton L. Ganus, Sr. Building, 1951-2022. It served first as the Ganus Student Center until 1973. Then it was home to the Foreign Language & International Studies Department until 2022, while Communications was there from 1973-1998, and History and Political Science from 1999-2022.

About the Author

Julie E. S. Harris is a Professor of History at Harding University. She received her doctorate from the University of Arkansas in 1999. Her specialty is British History. Dr. Harris began teaching at Harding University in Fall 2000, and has served as the Phi Alpha Theta Advisor since 2003. She has been the advisor for Tenor of Our Times since its creation in Spring 2012.

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History Commons