Harding College joined the Oral History Association in 1968. The oral history library contains interviews with individuals whose godly lives influenced the history of Harding University, including: Dr. George S. Benson, W. R. Stephens, John Clyde Harbin.


Submissions from 1977

Interview of Robert Forcum, Robert E. Forcum

Interview of Mildred B. Long, Mildred B. Long

Submissions from 1975

Interview of O. O. Emmons, O. O. Emmons

Submissions from 1972

Interview of John Clyde Harbin, John Clyde Harbin

Submissions from 1971

Interview of Judge T. Whitfield Davidson, T. Whitfield Davidson

Submissions from 1970


Interview of Roy C. Coffee, Roy Clarence Coffee


Interview of Verna E. Howard, Verna Elisha Howard


Interview of Wallace E. Johnson, Wallace E. Johnson

Submissions from 1969


Interview of Dr. George S. Benson, George Stuart Benson


Interview of Herbert R. Gibson, Sr., Herbert Richard Gibson

Interview of Gordon B. McLendon, Gordon B. McLendon

Interview of W. R. Stephens, Wilton Robert Stephens