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My name is Mackenzie Thompson and I am from Birmingham, AL. I started at Harding in the fall of 2015. I studied Elementary Education and received a minor in Spanish. I finished my undergraduate degree in 2019 and immediately started my Masters program. I graduated from Harding in May of 2020 with a Masters in Reading with Dyslexia. I currently teach second grade in Cabot and plan on using my Masters in the future to become a reading specialist. I would like to assist students who struggle with reading, especially students with dyslexia. I also am interested in utilizing my Spanish minor to teach English language learners.


The purpose of this non-experimental study was to determine whether English language proficiency has an effect on phonological awareness skills among second graders. A convenience sample of 101 second graders from a school in Northwest Arkansas was gathered. Secondary data from the Phonological Awareness Screening Test was analyzed to determine whether there was a difference in phonological awareness skills between those students who were native English speakers and English language learners. An analysis of the results found that there is a significant difference between phonological awareness skills of English language learners and native English speakers. The students who were native English speakers had stronger phonological awareness skills relative to English language learners.

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