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Fall 12-19-2020

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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Educational Leadership


Dr. Clay Beason


The purpose of this dissertation was to determine predictive effects among the transfer GPA, the number of hours transferred, a remedial course taken pretransfer, the transferred completion percentage, the use of on-campus housing, participation in collegiate athletics, and participation in social clubs on transfer student success as measured by the post-transfer first semester GPA and graduating GPA of undergraduate transfer students at a private liberal arts university in Central Arkansas. The post-transfer number of semesters until graduation was included as a predictor variable for the fourth Hypothesis. Tinto’s longitudinal model of student departure served as the theoretical framework, and the sample for this quantitative, regression analysis were the GPAs from 178 transfer students who graduated with a bachelor ’s degree. Data were stored in the university’s SIS system, Banner 9, and were retrieved using Argos Report Generator Version 5.4.1. Hypotheses 1-4 were analyzed using a multiple regression, and the transfer GPA and participation in social clubs variables were removed from their models due to multicollinearity.

The results revealed that the predictive models for Hypotheses 1, 2, and 4 were statistically significant. The number of hours transferred and transferred completion percentage were significant positive predictors of both criterion variables, and a remedial course taken pretransfer was a significant negative predictor of both criterion variables. Participation in collegiate athletics and the post-transfer number of semesters until graduation were significant negative predictors of the graduating GPA. Results may assist administrators with transfer enrollment decisions or placement into preventative academic success programs

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