HST Graduates and Commencements




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Bradford C. Burnette, Jr., MRE
James Hugh Cannon, MRE, MTh
Charles Coil, MRE
Paul Martin Cooper, MRE, MTh
David Dewayne Davidson, MA
Balfour William (Bill) Goree, Jr., MRE
Billy Clay Harris, MA
Bernard Clarence Howell, MA, MRE, MTh
August Ludwig Klinke, MA
Joe Mac Lynn, MTh
John M. Mills, MRE
Norman Kenneth Rideout, MA -- Also listed in the 1974 program
Louis Edward Sanders, MA
William Paul Smotherman, MA
William Leake (Bill) Srygley, MA

Administrators & Faculty:
George Stuart Benson -- President, Harding College
George Gurganus -- Associate Professor of Speech and Missions
E. H. Ijams -- Professor of Christian Education
Jack P. Lewis -- Professor of Bible. In photo -- not listed in caption
Paul Rotenberry -- Associate Professor of Old Testament and Christian Doctrine
Donald R. Sime -- Associate Professor of Christian Education and Counseling
Velma R. West -- Assistant Professor of Greek
W. B. West, Jr. -- Dean and Professor of New Testament
James Keith Zink -- Assistant Professor of Old Testament and Church History

C. W. Bradley -- Minister, Whitehaven Church of Christ -- Benediction
Paul Brown -- Song leader
L. M. Graves -- Chairman, Board of Trustees
James Marvin Powell -- Minister, Central Church of Christ, Chattanooga, Tennessee -- Address
Robert Riggs -- Director, Memphis Acapella Singers
Lawrence Arnold Watson, Sr. -- Minister, Highland Church of Christ -- Invocation


Harding School of Theology