HST Graduates and Commencements




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Herman C. Alexander, MA
Roy W. Beasley, Jr., MA
Stanley H. Becker, MTh
Gary L. Brock, MA
James D. Busch, MA
Patrick Henry Casey, MA
Peter K. Christy, MA
Jack Dudley Colvin, MA
Calvin Edward Conn, MA
John Quarles Cunningham, MA
Bennie Green, MA
L. T. Gurganus, Jr., MA -- Also listed in the 1963 program
Patrick Waters Hile, MA
Kenneth M. Hollingsworth, Jr., MA
Jerry Bradshaw Hollis, MTh
Bernard Clarence Howell, MA
Hollis Carlton Miller, MA
Don Garner Moore, Sr., MA
Billy Rex Moorer, MA
Yukio Mori, MA
Stanley Lee Morris, MTh
Carroll Duane Osburn, MTh
Ronald Lloyd Powell, MA
Paul E. Rogers, MA
James B. Shahan, II, MA
Terry Sanford Smith, MTh
Buel E. Thompson, MTh
James William Tollerson, MA, MTh
Gordon Clyde VanSteenberg, MA
Billy J. Watson, MA
Arthur L. Williams, MA

Administrators & Faculty:
Annie May Alston -- Librarian
Bill W. Flatt -- Registrar
Clifton L. (Cliff) Ganus, Jr. -- President, Harding College
Otis Gatewood -- Adjunct Professor of Missions
Harold H. Hazelip -- Assistant Professor of Christian Doctrine
G. W. (Bill) Patterson -- Associate Professor of Christian Education
Paul Rotenberry -- Associate Professor of Old Testament and Christian Doctrine
John A. Scott, Sr. -- Assistant Professor of Counseling
Velma R. West -- Assistant Professor of Greek
W. B. West, Jr. -- Dean and Professor of Bible

Richard L. Curry -- Minister, Oak Acres Church of Christ -- Invocation
Richard D. Fuller -- Secretary, Board of Trustees
Ray Hawk -- Minister, Ellendale Church of Christ -- Benediction
Houston T. Karnes -- Chairman, Board of Trustees -- Address
Leon B. Sanderson -- Song leader
Bob Sullins -- Director, Harding Academy of Memphis Chorus


Harding School of Theology