HST Graduates and Commencements




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James M. (Jim) Anders, MTh
Mark Cothran Black, MA, MTh
Steven Lee Brown, MTh
King L. Buchanan, Jr., MTh
Micheal Elvege Cagle, MAR -- Also listed in the 1980 program
Donnie Joe Chapman, MAR -- Also listed in the 1982 program.
Bobby G. Chisholm, MAR -- Also listed in the 1980 program
Larry E. Chouinard, MTh
Jerry Dickson Cornelson, MTh
Johnny Wayne Ellas, MAR
Steven Jay Gambill, MAR
Charles David Gaylor, MAR -- Also listed in the 1978, 1979 programs
George David George, MTh
Reginald Perry Greene, MAR
Carl W. Guthrie, MTh
Marshall Kent Hartman, MTh
Dwight Evan Hatley, MAR
Blaine Edward Hescht, MAR
Alfred Steven Howell, MAR
Paul Burton Isom, MTh
Michael R. Kilmer, MAR -- Also listed in the 1982 program
Charlie Wayne Kilpatrick, MAR
Kenneth Henry Klein, Jr., MTh
Randy J. Langley, MTh
Dennis K. McCarty, MTh
Michael Andrew (Mike) McGraw, MTh
Mark T. McLean, MTh
Jeffrey Alan McVey, MTh
Roger E. Michael, MAR -- Also listed in the 1979 program
David Lee (Dave) Miller, MAR
Carl Douglas Mills, DMin
Bruce Morrill, MA
Larry Paul Murdock, MAR
Edward Paul Myers, MAR
Thomas Lynn Norvell, MAR
Theodore R. Ogle, MAR
Linda Kay Oxford, MAR
Barry Deal Packer, MTh
Dennis Dale Petrillo, MA
Stephen Mitchell Puckett, MTh
Robert Archie Riall, MA
Curtis Charles Schlosser, MTh
Roy Gene Sharp, MAR
Daniel Brady Stockstill, MTh
Jesse Reeves Stroup, MAR
William Duane Stuart, Jr., MTh
Robert T. Weber, MAR -- Also listed in the 1980 program
Lee Russell York, Jr., MTh

Administrators & Faculty:
Douglas Eugene Brown, Jr. -- Instructor of Christian Doctrine
Jim Chester -- Director, Harding Academy of Memphis A Cappella Chorus. Adjunct Professor of Church Music
Bill W. Flatt -- Registrar and Associate Professor of Counseling
Clifton L. (Cliff) Ganus, Jr. -- President, Harding University
Harold H. Hazelip -- Dean and Professor of Christian Doctrine
Joel Johnson -- Assistant Professor of Counseling
Annie Mae Alston Lewis -- Librarian
Jack P. Lewis -- Professor of Bible
Joe Mac Lynn -- Associate Professor of Ministry
Don L. Meredith -- Associate Librarian
Carroll Duane Osburn -- Associate Professor of New Testament
Richard E. (Rick) Oster -- Assistant Professor of New Testament
Carl Philip Slate -- Associate Professor of Preaching and Missiology
William Leake (Bill) Srygley -- Adjunct Professor of Youth Ministry
Gary Wayne Williams -- Director of Student Services -- Invocation

Batsell Barrett Baxter -- Chairman, Bible Department, David Lipscomb College -- Address
Jack J. Goode -- Member, Board of Trustees
Larry Manley -- Song leader
David Allan Reeves -- Minister, Quince Road Church of Christ -- Benediction


Harding School of Theology