HST Graduates and Commencements




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Reece Vernon Boyd, MTh
James Dave Clayton, Jr., MTh
Rodney Eugene Cloud, MA
Leonard Eugene Codner, MA
Nancy Craig Shelburne Codner, MA
Shelby Watkin Forkum, MA
William Owen Freeman, MA
Roy Otto Goodmiller, MA
Ottis Lewis Hilburn, Jr., MRE
Jerry R. Lee, MA
Yung Jin Lee, MA
Albert George Lemmons, MA
Joe Mac Lynn, MRE
Sidney Duane McCampbell, MA
Russell Albert McNalty, MA
Miriam Lee Mieher, MA
Charles Franklin Myer, Jr., MA
Harold Holt Parker, MA
James Marvin Powell, MA
Neale Thomas Pryor, MTh
Kenneth Gene Robinson, MA
E. V. Srygley, Jr., MA
Boby J. Taylor, MRE
Shirley J. Thompson, MRE
Raleigh Edward Wood, Jr., MA
Thomas Garner Yoakum, MA

Administrators & Faculty:
George Stuart Benson -- President, Harding College
Jack P. Lewis -- Professor of Old Testament and New Testament
Donald R. Sime -- Assistant Professor of Christian Education
W. B. West, Jr. -- Dean

Edward Bousson, Jr. -- Song leader
Robert Brown -- Director, "Words of Life" Television Chorus
Clarence Dailey -- Minister, Union Avenue Church of Christ -- Invocation
H. A. Dixon -- President, Freed-Hardeman College -- Address
L. M. Graves -- President, Board of Trustees
Lawrence Arnold Watson, Sr. -- Minister, Highland St. Church of Christ -- Benediction


Harding School of Theology