HST Graduates and Commencements




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James R. Allen, MRE
King L. Buchanan, Sr., MA
Finis Jay Caldwell, Jr., MRE
Dean Dail Freetly, MA
Maurice Colvin Hall, MA
Arlie Wayne Harris, MA
George Eulan Howard, MA
Joe Mac Lynn, MA
George Raymond Smith, MA
Billy Jack Stafford, MA
Alvin O. Stevens, MRE
Kenneth Pat Teague, MA
Theophilus Brown Underwood, Jr., MA
Robert L. Waggoner, MA
Lawrence Arnold Watson, Sr., MA
Billy Earl Williams, MA
Clyde Morris Woods, MA
William Edgar Woodson, MA
James Keith Zink, MA

Administration & Faculty:
George Stuart Benson; President, Harding College -- Address
E. H. Ijams; Professor of Christian Education
Jack P. Lewis; Professor of Old Testament and New Testament -- Invocation
Donald R. Sime; Assistant Professor of Christian Education
Nona Sisco; Secretary
Velma R. West; Instructor, Biblical Greek
W. B. West, Jr.; Dean and Professor of New Testament

Robert L. Brewer; Minister, White Station Church of Christ -- Benediction
L. M. Graves; President, Board of Trustees
Una Ijams
Robert Riggs -- Song leader
Leon B. Sanderson; Director, Harding Academy A Cappella Chorus


Harding School of Theology