Honors College Research

Document Type

Research Paper

Date of Completion

Fall 11-2017

Project Type

Honors Capstone


​Behavioral Sciences

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Kenneth Hobby


This study sought to discover whether there was a connection between the attentional draw of a word, as represented by text color and grouping, and the likelihood of it being transferred into short term recall memory. College students at Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas were given one of six timed memory test scenarios and asked to recreate the list to the best of their ability. The students were then asked to complete a series of post-test questions designed to measure their perception of their own performance on the test. The students were also asked to complete a demographics questionnaire that established a brief history of their current and previous scholastic behavior. The participants’ performance on the memory test was then compared to the information from the post-test survey as well as the demographics questionnaire. I hypothesized that both text color and text grouping would positively influence short term recall memory so that a combination of the two would result in the most accurate recollection of the word list.

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