2017 Showcase

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Playroom 1

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Cone Chapel

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10-5-2017 10:30 AM

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10-5-2017 11:00 AM


Facilitators in the Playroom will share their ideas and demonstrate how to use the following tools: Lightboard, Echo 360, Canvas, Turning Point, Zoom, Swivl, VoiceThread, Scholar Works at Harding, Collaborative Classrooms, Harding's Testing Lab and 3D Printing.


Echo360 - Allison Case
Echo360 is a lecture capture service that allows you to capture, audio, video and content (whatever is on your computer) while in class or from your personal computer. The Echo360 recording can then be shared to your students via the Learning Management System (Canvas). Echo360 is great to record your lectures so students have access to them to help them study or for those that missed class because they were sick or away for sports. You can also use Echo360 to record from your personal computer so on inclement weather days you can still send out a class lecture to your students!

VoiceThread - Naomi Valentine
VoiceThread is an application that runs inside your web browser (no software to download, install, or update) and it allows you to transform collections of media, like images, videos, documents, and presentations, into a place for a conversation. These conversations are not live, but takes place whenever it's convenient for the people to participate. They are also secure, with simple controls that lets you dictate who can participate and what they can do.
Harding University has a site license with VoiceThread and it integrates with Canvas (LMS).

Zoom - Bryan Davis
Video conferencing and distance communication are becoming necessities in the classroom. With improved technology and infrastructure this is finally possible with high quality and reliability. Although many options exist for this type of communication, Harding has found that Zoom meets our needs quite well.
Zoom is a robust platform, offering recording, screen-sharing and even a virtual whiteboard for a minimal monthly fee.

Canvas - Allison Case
Canvas is a Learning Management System that connects all the digital tools that teachers use in one convenient location. This online software application helps teachers create and organize their courses, as well as interact with students. Canvas has many useful features that are consistently being updated to enhance learning experience.
Canvas is:

  • easy to use
  • mobile friendly
  • very dependable for students, instructors, and administrators alike

The goal of Canvas is to make teaching and learning easier for all parties involved by empowering teachers to engage students in and out of the classroom.

Lightboard - Elearning Staff
The lightboard is an illuminated glass used for recording lectures and content added to the board, all while you face the camera. Students see the content (words, equations, diagrams, etc.) as you are writing, but oriented for their viewing.

TurningPoint - Trixie Pittman
TurningPoint is an easy-to-use system that keeps students engaged with the material, provides the instructor immediate feedback on comprehension, and can helpfully record attendance. TurningPoint can be used with the students' own devices in a variety of polling options, but I will demonstrate how to seamlessly use TurningPoint in PowerPoint presentations with instructor-provided devices that prevent the distraction of students' own devices. For more information, see https://www.turningtechnologies.com/turningpoint.

Swivl - Amber Hug
Swivl utilizes your ipad, camera, or smartphone on a robotic mount with a 360 degree rotating platform, allowing for motion videoing that tracks a presenter. You’ll never have to worry about walking outside of the camera’s view again. All you need is to make use of the “Marker” to sync the presenter with the mount. As long as you maintain a line of sight with the mount, Swivl will follow you as you teach. The Marker also contains a microphone, so getting good audio is easy to accomplish as well. Videos can be instantly uploaded to the Cloud.

Kahoot - Emmie Mercer
Kahoot is a game-based platform where you can create fun, interactive, engaging learning experiences for your students. Every month approximately 50 million classroom users are exploring and learning in this online gaming environment. Kahoot is striving to unlock the potential of your students.

Prezi - Diana Tepe
Prezi is a web-based tool for dynamic presentations. It’s inherent motion, zooming and panning makes demonstrating spatial relationships and project flow quick and easy from one single canvas so you can show ideas in context and modify the path easily. Prezi is a PC Magazine Editors' Choice presentation app., which is quick and easy to learn.

3D Printing - Debbie Stewart
3D printing opens up the world of printing to a new dimension, the third dimension! You are no longer constrained to think about printing on a flat 2D surface, but can model, design, or code a 3D printer to print almost any shape.

Testing Lab - Nikki Decker
The Testing Lab is a place that provides a secure environment for online testing. By having their students test in the lab, instructors can spend valuable class time covering material rather than on assessments. "For more information on how to use the Testing Lab, please contact Nikki Decker at testinglab@harding.edu."

Collaborative Classroom - John Moon Society has a great need for humans who are educated and competitive in STEM disciplines. The challenge facing STEM faculty is how to provide a learning environment that promotes greater success with both traditional and nontraditional students. A meta study of 225 research articles published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, (PNAS vol. 111 no. 23) documented that active learning leads to increases in examination performance that would raise average grades by a half a letter, and that failure rates under traditional lecturing increase by 55% over the rates observed under active learning. Various models of active learning supported by research will be presented and discussed, including the flipped class collaborative model used in the new e-Learning Science 109 classroom.

Scholar Works - Brenda Breezeel
Harding's new Institutional Repository, Scholar Works at Harding, is the new home for research and creative works from Harding University faculty and students. One goal of Scholar works is to shine a light on all the research and works being developed by our own. Another goal is to share this research with the academic world thereby increasing the scholarly impact Harding University faculty and students have on the world.

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Playroom 1

Cone Chapel

Facilitators in the Playroom will share their ideas and demonstrate how to use the following tools: Lightboard, Echo 360, Canvas, Turning Point, Zoom, Swivl, VoiceThread, Scholar Works at Harding, Collaborative Classrooms, Harding's Testing Lab and 3D Printing.