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Consider this--if the fountain of youth is unattainable, wouldn't it be great to avoid being, as the Dutch say, "too soon old and too late smart?" After all, nobody gets a second chance to go through life again. Alas, we must learn from those who have been around the block a few more times than we have. We won't live long enough to make all their collective mistakes--as resourceful as we might be behind their backs.

Those wonderful voluntary participants interested in this writing project, most of whom had done a "heap of living," were encouraged to focus their wisdom and sage advice on a smorgasbord of topics. On all fronts, the preliminary results of these essays have been thrillingly tender and movingly profound. Enjoy.

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The Belden Center for Private Enterprise Education


Cultural History | Nonfiction | Other Social and Behavioral Sciences

What I Know Now That I Wish They'd Told Me Back Then: A Time Capsule of Advice from Baby Boomers to the Baby Busters of Generation X